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Living in the past, unable to accept that the world has changed fundimentally, is a problem for many senior citizens. The world of today, does not make sense, it is a confusing and frightening place, that is artificial and alien. As we age, we cling to the values that were installed as children. The culture and community we are raised in during the centry and decade, which we experience, as youngsters, defines our mental processes. Our value fundimentals and belief foundations, are indelibly imprinted, and the hardwiring frozen in that period. Althought we change slowly over time as different values surround us, the reality is we will always judge ourselves and others by that reference time frame. When our most intense emotioal growth period is during a war, these beliefs and emotions are carved into our souls. For those who have as a generation, gone through a world war, and lived post war in a period of plenty, they are unable to believe that the world their children and grand children live in could be so radicially different.
Obesity rates are a direct measure of the happiness of a country. Unhappy people who are constanty stressed, start eating, for comfort, and this causes them, to be more stressed and unhappy. This negative feed back loop, results in weight gain.
The girth of a obese person, is the true measure of how unhappy an obese western nation is. The larger a belt size, a nation wears, the greater the problem. When 50% of the population, can be classed as obese, it indicates that something is very wrong with the social/economic system, and it may need to be reviewed.
Very few senior citizens appreciate just how much their quality of life relies on someone else. To have someone 40 years younger take care of them, and allow them to maintain a lifestyle that many other pensioners would/ do envy. Many senior citizens fail to say thank you, or show any basic gratitude, especially when the helper desires no reward, or does not covert their posessions or wealth, and desires only the freedom of silence, for gratitude.
Premature Aging
A by product of having to live around old people over years, is that those who have to be around them, are forced to slow down physicially and wait for them, and mentally, are subjected to having to deal with having to repeat names, or constantly remind them of things. Old people eventually slow down, and cause premature aging of those around them. Constant grumbling and micromanaging of daily events, leads to atrophy, and anger that poisons the atmosphere in which support staff and family members have to function. In extreme cases, the old person, as they age, issues forth a constant flow of politicially uncorrect rude comments, about everything, in creation. This verbal flow of vitrol, is a corrosive poison, that destroys the souls of helpers. 
Senior citizens, around the world, are targeted by con-men and scam artistis. Whether it is official charities or businesses, or individuals. The sale of donor lists, increases the effectiveness of targeting the weakest and most vulnerable.
The Village of Bible Hill, located beside Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada, has had the notoriety of being identified as the retirement village of Canada. The problem with retirement communities is that they displace people, who are part of the working population essential to the communities ability to function eventually.
 The concentration of one age group dominating a community or geographic area, can produce
toxic effects, which other people resent. One effect is wealthy retirees inflating local property values, as the supply of reasonable priced homes drys up. As the limited supply, and the new demand works to force up property values, and by association property taxes, it produces an unsustainable bubble, that eventually bursts, when the supply of wealthy retirees decides, to go somewhere else cheaper.
The entertainment culture of a nation, is a reflection in the mirror of reality, that a society or civilization exists in. Historicially vampires and zomdies have been, the two most feared horrors, that are seen in movies and video games. Vampires are blood suckers, and are traditionaly seen as politions, government taxes and banks. Zombies are associated with starving masses, that will turn to canabilism when food supplies collapse. All through history starvation has been the single largest threat to humanity. Canabilism has always been, feared because civilized humans, can turn into mindless flesh eating machines, when other sources of food, are not available. We are unable to discuss the reality, of both problems, and how we sabotage the social economic system and agriculture, for greed, and political advantage, which results in the creation of both nightmares. These two groups, vampires & zombies, are part of the racial memory which resonates with the primative brain.
Property Values & Taxes
​The top down mentality of government spending and inflation of government expenses, where real estate/property taxes are the income source, is now dictating the annual rise in property values, with a corresponding tax increase made payable to municipalities. If municipal government costs rise 5%, then the properties are assessed as worth 5% more that they were 12 months ago. Unfortunately we are not seeing a corresponding increase in incomes.